About Nordicom

NORDICOM is a knowledge centre in the field of media and communication research, a cooperation between the five countries of the Nordic region - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Starting from academic research, Nordicom collects and adapts knowledge, mediating it to various user groups in the Nordic region, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Nordicom is an institution under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Nordicom's work aims at developing media studies and at helping to ensure that research results are made visible in the treatment of media issues at different levels in both the public and private sector. Nordicom's activities are based on broad and extensive network of contacts and collaboration with members of the research community, media companies, politicians, regulators, teachers, librarians, and so forth, around the world. The activities at Nordicom are characterized by three main working areas.

Media and Communication Research Findings in the Nordic Countries

Nordicom publishes an English language peer reviewed journal, Nordicom Review and a Nordic journal, Nordicom Information, as well as anthologies and other books mostly in English languages. Making Nordic research in the field of mass communication and media studies known to colleagues and others outside the region, and weaving and supporting networks of collaboration between the Nordic research communities and colleagues abroad are two prime facets of the Nordicom work.

A research database containing scientific literature and ongoing research are updated continuously. The documentation services are based on work performed in national documentation centers attached to the universities in Aarhus, Tampere, Reykjavik, Bergen and Gothenburg.

Trends and Developments in the Media Sectors in the Nordic Countries

Nordicom compiles media statistics for the whole of the Nordic region. The statistics, together with qualified analyses are published on the website and in book series. Besides statistics on and analyses of output and consumption, Nordicom provides studies on media ownership and the structure of the industries. These services are based on a Nordic network of contributing institutions.

Nordicom gives the Nordic countries a common voice in European and international networks and institutions that inform media and cultural policy. At the same time, Nordicom keeps Nordic users abreast of developments in the sector outside the Nordic region.

Research on Young People and Media Worldwide

Nordicom started the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media in 1997, at the request of UNESCO. The work of the Clearinghouse aims at increasing our knowledge about young people and media and, thereby, at providing the basis for relevant decision-making, at contributing to constructive public debate and at promoting young people's media and information literacy. It is also hoped that the work of the Clearinghouse will stimulate additional research on children, youth and media. In yearbooks, newsletters and survey articles the Clearinghouse has an ambition to broaden and contextualize knowledge about young people and media.

The Clearinghouse's activities have as their basis a global network of 1000 or so participants in more than 125 countries, representing not only the academia, but also, e.g., the media industries, politics and a broad spectrum of voluntary organizations.