Ongoing projects

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Completed projects

Nordic Gender och Media Forum 2013-2015

The aim of the project is to bring together concerned parties in the Nordic media industries with a view to broadening and deepening the discussion of gender equality in the media and, more generally, the public sphere. The groups envisaged are media practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and representatives of branch organizations in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. In 2014, Nordic Gender & Media Forum will arrange a series of branch-specific seminars on film, journalism, advertising and computer games. These seminars may be seen as part of the ‘run-up’ to a conference to be held in conjunction with Nordic Media Days in Bergen, Norway. A second objective during the period is the compilation of gender-differentiated statistics for the Nordic media industries. An anthology based on the events in, and contributions to, the project is planned.

For additional information please contact Maria Edström

Nordic Cultural Policy Knowledge Centre (cultural statistics) 2013-2014

This project  follows up a suggestion put forth in the report, Nabolandskultur i Norden [Neighbouring cultures in the Nordic region], to satisfy the need for a pan-Nordic central source of information relating to cultural policy, and cultural statistics in particular. The Nordic Council of Ministers have commissioned the elaboration of a proposal to enable steps to be taken to establish Nordic cooperation in this area. The project will identify information needs, prevailing conditions, and appropriate forms for such cooperation. Thereafter, a meeting of experts will review the proposal and present their recommendations.

For additional information please contact Ulla Carlsson

Media and Information Literacy in the Nordic Region 2012-2013

Among the items in the platform for Sweden’s chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2013 is an emphasis on the importance of media and information literacy to democracy and  to citizens’ ability to exercise their freedom of expression.  More clearly articulated and coordinated policies in this area are called for on both national and regional levels. Toward this end, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council have been asked to arrange a meeting of Nordic experts to establish and formalize a Nordic network on media and information literacy. Participants will primarily be representatives of concerned authorities, bodies involved in Nordic cooperation and the research communities. The objective, simply put, is to create a forum where policy, praxis and research can meet.

For additional information please contact Ulla Carlsson