Official reports on the media

Below you will find Nordicom’s lists of government reports and other public reports on media and on freedom of expression in the Nordic countries (reports available online).

For a look at the legislative processes in the Nordic countries, see the bottom of the page.


Official reports on media and freedom of expression

The country lists below are arranged in chronological order, with the most current reports first. Each list contains links to reports available online.

Updates are published twice a year, in May/June and December /January.



Official reports and studies , from 2000
The list covers Government Official Reports and state institutions’ studies, found primarily at the Administrative Library, which is the central library and documentation centre for civil servants within the Danish central government. Among other tasks, the Administrative Library has the obligation to collect and make state institutions’ digital publications available through Statens Netbibliotek, where publications from 1997 to the present day are available through permanent links.

Download the list of publications (in Danish, updated in January 2018)

Collected by: Mogens Vestergaard Kjeldsen, Nordicom-Denmark



Official reports and studies, from 2000
The list includes official reports from the Ministry of Education and Culture (copyright issues, information society, media literacy, etc.), the Ministry of Transport and Communications (television, radio and support to other media), and the Ministry of Justice (freedom of speech). The reports are also listed in the Institutional Repository (Valto) (publication series from all Finnish ministries).

The reports are usually in Finnish, with English and Swedish summaries.

Download the list of publications (in Finnish and English, updated in January 2018)

Collected by: Eija Poteri, Nordicom-Finland



Official Norwegian Reports (NOU) and white papers, from 1972
A list of Official Norwegian Reports (NOU series) and Reports to the Storting (white papers) concerning the media, available online. The Official Norwegian Reports are from 1972 to 2017, while the white papers are from 1996 to 2017. Publications not available online may be ordered at the Norwegian Government’s web page

Download the list of publications (in Norwegian, updated in January 2018)

Collected by: Balder Holm, Nordicom-Norway



Government Official Reports (SOU), from 1922
The list includes links to Government Official Reports (SOU series) available online. For reports from 2000 and onwards, the links lead to PDF documents published on the Government's website, while older SOU reports, from 1922 to 1999, have been digitized by the Swedish National Library and published as PDF documents in the Regina database.

Reports accessible via the Regina database have keywords to facilitate searches. However, keywords are not added to the reports accessible via the government’s website.

Download the list of publications (in Swedish, updated Jan 2018)

Collected by: Ulrika Facht, Nordicom-Sweden


Access to information in the Nordic countries

This publication from Nordicom explains and compares the legal rules determining public access to documents and data in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. In addition, international rules emanating from the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the European Union are elucidated. The author is Oluf Jørgensen. It was published in October, 2014.

Read more and download the publication

This English summary is based on a more comprehensive version in Danish published in Nordicom-Information No. 3/2014.


The legislative processes in the Nordic countries

The processes of legislative work in the Nordic parliaments and governments are rather similar, with some national differences.

Legislation / The Danish Parliament

Finland - English
Legislation and the development of legislative drafting / Ministry of Justice
Enacting legislation / The Finnish Parliament

Suomi - Suomeksi
Lait ja lainvalmistelun kehittäminen / Oikeusministeriö
Lakien säätäminen eduskunnassa / Eduskunta

The process of a Parliamentary Bill & Committee procedures / The Icelandic Parliament (PDF)
About the Icelandic Parliament (Alþingi)

Laws and legislative work / Ministry of Justice and Public Security
Legislation / The Storting (the Norwegian Parliament)

Swedish legislation - how laws are made / Government Offices of Sweden
How the Riksdag works (Makes laws) / The Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament)