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17 jul to 21 jul 2017

Limassol, Cyprus

Summer School: Social Computing in the Big Data Era

This summer school Scovers topics from a broad range of domains which contribute to advancing the field of Big Data. The programme will enable participants to select and combine appropriate research methods, technologies and theories in fields such as: Big Data and Technologies@Facebook, Crowdsourcing, Online Social Networks and Targeted Advertising, Dimensions of Political and Social Changes in the Big Data Era.

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Cyprus University of Technology


17 jul to 18 jul 2017

Potsdam, Germany

Workshop on Extras, Bit-Players, and Historical Consultants in Media History

Under the guidance of the research and teaching assistant Anna Luise Kiss, a group of nine postgraduate students of the Film University Konrad Wolf currently do research on the way, extras and bit-players were employed during the period of the UFA (Universum Film AG founded in 1917), DEFA (German Film AG of the GDR) and the Studio Babelsberg, the latter still existing nowadays. To present the results of the research project and enable high level scientific exchange and a hands-on perspective on this field of research, the students furthermore organize this workshop

For more information:

International Association for Media and History / IAMHIST


16 jul to 20 jul 2017

Cartagena, Colombia

IAMCR 2017

The IAMCR conference 2017 will take place in Cartagena, Colombia. The host institution is Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - UNIMINUTO, School of Communications
The theme is : Transforming Culture, Politics & Communication: New media, new territories, new discourses.

For more information:

The International Association for Media and Communication Research / IAMCR


11 jul to 12 jul 2017

Brighton, UK

EuroMedia2017: History, Story, Narrative

This conference addresses issues of writing history from literary and other discursive perspectives. That is to say: novels, plays, poems, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, travel logs and a variety of styles of essay.

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The International Academic Forum / IAFOR


11 jul to 13 jul 2017

Hull, UK

Apocalypse and Authenticity

The aim of this conference is to explore the themes of the apocalypse and authenticity – either separately or jointly – in popular culture, their theological and religious roots, as well as their socio-cultural, political, and economic relevance. We welcome submissions that explore a broad range of topics on the conference themes both from scholars from various disciplines and from practitioners working in media or faith communities

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University of Hull


10 jul to 13 jul 2017

Paris, France

Media and History: Crime, Violence and Justice

Hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis of the Media (CARISM) and the French Press Institute, Panthéon-Assas University, Paris (France), the conference marks the 40th anniversary of IAMHIST as well as the 80th anniversary of the French Press Institute.

10 jul to 19 jul 2017

Beijing, China

Summer School: The 4th Europe-China Dialogue

The China Media Observatory of Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) in cooperation with School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University, will operate the 4th edition of Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School.. It aims to bring together researchers from Europe, China, and North America.

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Peking University


10 jul to 13 jul 2017

Cologne, Germany

3rd International Conference on Computational Social Science

The IC2S2 2017 is an interdisciplinary event designed to engage a broad community of researchers – academics, industry experts, open data activists, government agency workers, and think tank analysts.

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8 jul to 8 jul 2017

Bath, UK

Practice and/as Media Industry Research

Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network Annual Symposium 2017.
The symposium theme ‘Practice and/as Media Industry Research’ provides the opportunity for MeCCSA to focus on questions of practice and/as media industry research and aims to showcase both scholarly and practice-based research that considers the complex relationships between the theoretical study of media industries and creative forms of practice and practice-based research.

For more information:

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association / MeCCSA


7 jul to 9 jul 2017

Brighton, UK

ECSS 2017: East Meets West - Innovation and Discovery

The European Conference on the Social Sciences 2017 (ECSS2017) will be held alongside The European Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2017.
From incremental shift to radical change, from local to regional, or from the national to the global, this international conference will focus on the challenges that demand a collective response.

For more information:

The International Academic Forum / IAFOR


7 jul to 7 jul 2017

London, UK

The 15th International Conference on Books, Publishing and Libraries

Books, Publishing & Libraries Research Network: a conference and journal founded in 2003, exploring the histories, traditions, and futures of books, publishing, and libraries.
2017 special focus: The Publisher Is Dead; Long Live the Publisher!

For more information:

Common Ground Research Networks


6 jul to 6 jul 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emotional Publics and Political Feelings in Participatory Media

This workshop aims to bring together scholars whose research considers the role of emotions in the performance and articulation of political identities in the participatory spaces of everyday media. Keynote speakers: Dr. Joke Hermes and Prof. Dr. Joep Leerssen.

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University of Amsterdam


6 jul to 8 jul 2017

Tampere, Finland

Afroeuropeans: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe

African European Studies and Black European Studies explore social spaces and cultural practices that are characterized by a series of contemporary and historical overlaps between Africa, the African diasporas, and Europe. The sixth biennial network conference, organized by the University of Tampere and the international /Afroeuropeans – Black Cultures and Identities in Europe/ research network, aims to contribute to the existing scholarship in Europe with a view to establish it more firmly in its several disciplinary locations.

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University of Tampere


5 jul to 7 jul 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Summer School: Media and Information Literacy

The goal of this MIL Summer School is to bring together researchers in academia and industry from all over the world attempting to address the important challenges in the evolving world of media and information literacy, while simultaneously bolstering the potential and talent of researchers in the first stage of their careers.
The main themes under which the topics fall are: reforming and transforming education; innovation in journalism; communication research; new competences and social media; and news literacy and political participation.

For more information:

The Autonomous University of Barcelona


5 jul to 7 jul 2017

Sydney, Australia

ANZCA2017: Communication Worlds: Access, Voice, Diversity, Engagement

What are the worlds of communication we inhabit, create, and reshape? And how can we interpret the dynamic expansions and contractions of our mediascapes? ANZCA 2017 invites reflections on ancient, modern and future communication worlds, colonial and postcolonial worlds, activist and start-up worlds, ecologies, ecosystems and environments

For more information:

Australia & New Zealand Communication Association / ANZCA

4 jul to 6 jul 2017

Sheffield, UK

The Children's Media Conference

The Children's Media Conference is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids - on all platforms.

For more information:

The Children's Media Conference


3 jul to 5 jul 2017

Barcelona, Spain

New Narratives

The aim of this conference is to stimulate the reflection and exchange of knowledge concerning different storytelling, including journalistic, fiction and entertainment narratives. The main focus of the conference will be the evolution of television genres and internet formats, transmedia relationships and the education-entertainment strategies of TV shows.

For more information:

The Autonomous University of Barcelona


3 jul to 6 jul 2017

Porto, Portugal

Summer School: Creative Industries and Media Management

This summer school is an Initiative from CIC.Digital, University of Porto and IMMAA – International Media Management Academic Association, to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and experience between professors, professionals and graduate students from several fields related to Creative and Media Studies.

For more information:

International Media Management Academic Association / IMMAA


3 jul to 4 jul 2017

Helsinki, Finland

Summer School: Music, Multiculturalism and the Postcolonial Condition

Music provides a rich source and platform for postcolonial studies not only because of its identity politics but also on the grounds of its political economy, as demonstrated by the central role of music in global cultural industries and transnational labour arrangements. To address these issues, as well as any other aspect of music and postcolonial studies, doctoral candidates working with relevant topics are hereby invited to participate in this summer school.

For more information:

Music Archive Finland

3 jul to 4 jul 2017

Vilnius, Lithuania

The 4th European Conference on Social Media ECSM 2017

The European Conference on Social Media was established 4 years ago and has previously been held in England, Portugal and France. The conference committee welcomes contributions on a wide array of topics using a range of scholarly approaches including theoretical and empirical papers employing qualitative, quantitative and critical methods.

For more information:

Mykolas Romeris University, The Business and Media School