Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

21 sep to 21 sep 2018

Flemingsberg, Stockholm, Sweden

En akademi för alla Makt och jämställdhet i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskapen

Ett halvdagssymposium om makt, jämlikhet och framkomlighet i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskapen

21 sep to 22 sep 2018

Washington DC, United States

Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy

TPRC is the leading international conference on communications, information, and Internet policy, and covers legal, economic, social, and political research. The two-day programme brings together over 325 international researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in an informal setting. It is a great place to discuss ideas and share new results.

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21 sep to 22 sep 2018

Pune, India

International Conference on Media & Communication

This two-day International Conference on Media and Communication (ICMAC) is called New Media Studies: Re-examining Articulations of Theory, Practice and Context. 

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21 sep to 22 sep 2018

Oradea, Romania

Argumentor Conference 2018: Digital Agora

Conference sections: Argumentation in the digital agora, Digital artworld, Digital lifestyle, Education for digital citizenship, Online rhetoric, Politics in the digital agora, Social interactions online. 

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20 sep to 21 sep 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland

Food and Communication

This conference, which comes out of the FoodKom Research Network,  established in 2015 inÖrebro University (Sweden), and a Communicating Food symposium at the University of Chester(UK) in September 2017, aims to bring together researchers that work in the areas of food andcommunication, be it academically or non-academically. It aims to establish a regular, biannualplatform which will offer scholars space to share and discuss research at the intersection ofcommunication and food studies, but also at the intersection of academic scholarship andprofessionals that work in the areas concerned with communicating food.

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20 sep to 22 sep 2018

Alicante, Spain

(Video)ludic history as an alternative mode of knowing the past

The goal of this workshop is twofold. First, to establish a forum in which scholars of any field can share their research on historical games, discuss their methods, approaches and conclusions with their colleagues, and generate shared knowledge. Second, to make  historical game studies known to the rest of the academic community, especially between historians.

20 sep to 21 sep 2018

Oxford, United Kingdom

Internet, Policy and Politics 2018: Long Live Democracy?

This conference will question the theses of democratic renewal - and democratic decay - in a digital world.

20 sep to 22 sep 2018

Bologna, Italy

Taboo and the media

The 2018 conference seeks to explore the shifting boundaries of the acceptability of taboo in their various incarnations as produced and perceived in today’s media landscape, from cinema and television, to news, videogames, and different kinds of online content.

20 sep to 21 sep 2018

Liège, Belgium

Failing Identities: Identification and Resistance

This conference aims to scrutinize, clarify and elaborate upon the concept of identity, which ranks among the most (ab)used concepts in the humanities since the end of the 20th century.

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University of Liège,


19 sep to 20 sep 2018

Örebro, Sweden

Nordic Sounds Seminar

The School of Music, Theatre and Art at Örebro University, in conjunction with the research group Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Group at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo will host a study event over two days on the theme of pop music in the Nordic countries. The event is aimed at early-career and postgraduate researchers within the Nordic countries. Special guest speakers will be professor Stan Hawkins (University of Oslo) and associate professor Ann Werner (Linnaeus University).

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19 sep to 22 sep 2018

Lüneburg, Germany

Digital Cultures: Knowledge, Culture and Technology

This conference brings together research concerned with studying digital cultures and the ways that digital media technologies transform contemporary culture, society and economy.

19 sep to 20 sep 2018

Day one: Reading. Day two: London, UK

‘Pinter on Film, Television and Radio’

This two-day conference will take place on two sites: day one in Reading, ‘Pinter on Screen’, will focus primarily on Pinter on film and television, and will be held in Minghella Studios, University of Reading on Wednesday 19 September 2018; the second day, ‘Pinter on Air’, will focus primarily on Pinter on radio and in audio archives, and will be held in the British Library in London on Thursday 20 September 2018.

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An AHRC-funded project (Universities of Leeds, Birmingham & Reading)


19 sep to 19 sep 2018

Leicester, UK

New Directions in Media and Sociology (NDiMS) Conference 2018

Theme: Digital Lives and Alternative Politics
This years’ NDMiS will touch a variety of topics that have come to the forefront of the new media environment. As media becomes embedded in all aspects of our everyday life, we will take a moment to examine the social, political and cultural implications of this new dynamic in media research.

18 sep to 18 sep 2018

Norwich , UK

Mediated Masculinities: Power and Violence

#MeToo, toxic masculinity, Donald Trump, incels, the manosphere… there are numerous ways that questions of masculinity, power and violence have acquired increased urgency in the current historical moment. This symposium investigates the implications of the ways these issues are being mediated, whether that be on our television and cinema screens or through the online spaces where both new and older forms of masculine power are being consolidated and contested.

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The Feminist Media Studies Research Group (University of East Anglia)


18 sep to 20 sep 2018

Poznan, Poland

Computers in Entertainment

The conference series is cross-disciplinary, and stretches over the domains of computer science, human-computer-interaction, content production, digital games, multimedia, media studies, art, and design. The conference series aims at presenting high quality scientific results spanning from theory to application, use-cases, experience, and demonstrations.

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18 sep to 20 sep 2018

Poznan, Poland

The International Conference on Entertainment Computation

The International Conference on Entertainment Computation is the longest lasting and prime scientific conference series inthe area of Entertainment Computing. It brings together practitioners, researchers, artists, designers, and industry on thedesign, creation, development, use, application and evaluation of digital entertainment content and experience systems.

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14 sep to 15 sep 2018

Novi Sad, Serbia

Bridges of Media Education 2018

Celebrating its tenth edition */The Bridges of Media Education/* aims at gathering researchers from the Western Balkans region and from Europe in exchange of scientific knowledge and experience. Thematically oriented towards regional challenges and questions brought by digital technologies, the conference enables discussions about global processes in the light of local specificities.

13 sep to 14 sep 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Rethinking Theories and Concepts of Mediated Communication

This conference will explore how theories and concepts of mediated communication are being challenged in the face of digitization, globalization, and other trends.

12 sep to 14 sep 2018

Johannesburg, South Africa

Communication at a Crossroads

This conference calls for presentations, papers, posters and panels in communication, media, journalism, film, television, and cultural studies that interrogate the notion of “communication at a crossroads” and the “communication turn” in a variety of ways. The intention is to take stock of the current flux within these fields, as well as map possible futures. Our context is Southern Africa, Africa, and the global south.

12 sep to 14 sep 2018

Leicester, United Kingdom

Care in the Media and Cultural Industries

The second interdisciplinary CAMEo conference therefore focuses on the issues of care, concerns and ethics in the cultural and media economies. Confirmed speakers: Professor Bev Skeggs (London School of Economics), Professor Radhika Gajjala (Bowling Green State, Ohio), Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser (USC, Annenberg). 

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