Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Karin Poulsen med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

25 maj to 29 maj 2017

San Diego, CA, USA

ICA 67th Annual Conference

The theme of the 2017 International Communication Association Conference is Intervention. Communication Research and Practice .

For more information:

International Communication Association / ICA


29 maj to 29 maj 2017

Stockholm, Sverige

Misstron mot medier

Ökar verkligen misstron mot medier – eller känns det bara så?
I detta seminarium presenterar Institutet för Mediestudier boken Misstron mot medier som ger några nya svar grundat i både ny och gammal forskning. Bland annat presenteras en SOM-studie om förtroendet för journalistiken inom olika politikområden.
Medverkar gör bland andra professor Lennart Weibull och docent Ulrika Andersson, Göteborgs universitet, som berättar om sin djupdykning i forskningsdata om misstron mot svenska medier.

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Institutet för mediestudier


30 maj to 1 jun 2017

Aarhus, Denmark

Children's Media and Texts in a Mediatized World

Children and young people live in a mediatized world in which literature, other visual and verbal texts, media and platforms converge and coalesce. Established notions of
producers and users, target groups, genres and literary forms and experiences are thereby challenged.
This conference brings together scholars from children's literature studies, media studies and adjoining fields.
Confirmed key note speakers: Rebekah Willett, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ute Dettmar, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt; Björn Sjöblom, Stockholms Universitet; Philip Nel, Kansas State University.

Call for papers >>

For more information:

Aarhus University, Centre for Children's Literature

31 maj to 31 maj 2017

København, Danmark

Den svåra yttrandefriheten - nordiska röster och Kampen om reklamen

Denna vår publicerar Nordiska ministerrådet två rapporter som är av särskilt intresse för mediebranschen. Boken Den svåra yttrandefriheten - nordiska röster ges ut i samarbete med Nordiskt Journalistcenter.
Medieanalysen Kampen om reklamen  ges ut i samarbete med Nordicom. Båda rapporterna lanseras på detta seminarium.
Medverkar gör bland andra Ole Rode Jensen, chef för Nordisk Journalistcenter; Ingela Wadbring, föreståndare, docent och Jonas Ohlsson, forskare från Nordicom.
Kampen om reklamen finns att ladda ner på Nordicoms hemsida.

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Nordisk Ministerråd


31 maj to 2 jun 2017

Boston, USA

Making Social Media Matter

A hands-on, 3-day workshop designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to quickly analyze and visualize data from popular social media platforms such as Twitter.
The tools demonstrated in this workshop for network analysis, machine learning, and geolocation will equip attendees with expert understanding of how to collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret social media data for internal and public use.

For more information:

Boston University


31 maj to 2 jun 2017

Toronto, ON, Canada

The Next 150 - On Indigenous Lands

Typically spanning seven days in late May and early June, and attracting over 8,000 attendees, Congress is organized by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress 2017 is being hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto.

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The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences


31 maj to 2 jun 2017

, Brazil

Besides the Screen 2017 – Unfolding Images

The next Besides the Screen conference means to frame the growing trends in volumetric imaging in the long history intertwining geography and optics. Departing from cinema, the event seeks to explore how space and image have shaped one another across different media and cultural systems, tracing the power relations that cause topological subjectivities to emerge.

For more information:

Federal University of Espirito Santo


1 jun to 1 jun 2017

Portsmouth , UK

News Practices and Media Law in Africa: Developing a research agenda

This symposium will examine the changes and tendencies of news practices, media freedom and media law in Africa. This meeting aims at further developing a research agenda to explore political and cultural influences and post-colonial and post-conflict legacies on the development of journalism practices and media law and regulation in Africa

1 jun to 2 jun 2017

Chinese Newspapers and the Challenge of Convergence

HKBU School of Communication is organizing an International Symposium designed to bring together leading experts from China and internationally to explore the state of knowledge with regard to the current state of the Chinese newspaper press and to chart future avenues for research. 

For more information:

Hong Kong Baptist University

2 jun to 3 jun 2017

Warsaw, Poland

International Conference on Media Studies

The conference will bring together speakers from various fields, including film, TV, online and games industries, creating closer ties and connections among scholars from different disciplines working on visual and media studies.

For more information:

Interdisciplinary Research Foundation


3 jun to 3 jun 2017

Edinburgh , Scotland

Media, Politics & Young People

How can we promote respectful rational dialogue when politicians & media gain support through the opposite? Politics as portrayed in news, documentary, film, animation & graphic novel. Plus practical filmmaking and How to Read Donald Trump.
The keynote speaker is Dr Eamonn O’Neill, award-winning investigative journalist & Associate Professor in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University

For more information:

Association for Media Education in Scotland


3 jun to 4 jun 2017

Toronto, ON, Canada

Is no Local News Bad News? Local Journalism and its Future

The conference, convened by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre, will bring together journalists, citizens, policy makers, journalism educators and Canadian and international scholars with an interest issues related to local news and journalism.

For more information:

Ryerson Journalism Research Centre


5 jun to 7 jun 2017

Pittsburgh, PA, UK

Philosophy of Communication

The theme for this year’s conference centers on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition with keynote speakers addressing four content areas: (1) Philosophy of Communication and Narrative Ground, (2) Philosophy of Communication, History, and Institutions, (3) Philosophy of Communication and Community, and (4) Philosophy of Communication, Culture, and Mission.

For more information:

Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Duquesne University


5 jun to 9 jun 2017

Florence, Italy

Summer School: Journalism in the Digital Age. Responding to Propaganda and Fake News

Summer school for journalists and media practitioners, organised by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute (EUI).

For more information:

Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom


6 jun to 7 jun 2017

Torino, Italy

Body Politics. Representing Masculinity in Media and Performing Arts

The conference aims at investigating the interaction between masculinity and the languages of media and performing arts, both from a historical standpoint and from a theoretical perspective. The sessions of the conference will feature a series of presentations informed by the main theoretical and methodological currents in the relevant fields (cinema, video art, television, fashion, advertising, digital and social media, dance, theatre, opera, music, etc.)

For more information:

Università degli Studi di Torino


8 jun to 9 jun 2017

Aarhus, Denmark

Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond

An international conference that critically addresses the nuanced aspects and multifaceted implications of self-tracking and Quantified Self practices. The event looks at the infiltration of data and metrics in everyday life and contemporary culture.

For more information:


8 jun to 8 jun 2017

Warswaw, Poland

The Role of Media Literacy in the New Media Landscape

In a world of fake news, hashtags and #badbuzz, how can we navigate safely through the tsunami of information coming at us in the digital media landscape? The European Audiovisual Observatory will be focusing on media literacy in Europe during this Warsaw conference.
This free public conference is organised under this year’s Polish Presidency of the Observatory, represented by the Polish National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT).

For more information:

European Audiovisual Observatory


8 jun to 9 jun 2017

Barcelona, Spain

IX International Conference on Communication and Reality

The theme for the IX International Conference on Communication and Reality is Reality and Screen, A Postmodern Mirror.

For more information:

Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University


8 jun to 8 jun 2017

Staffordshire, UK

Ethnicities, Counter-publics, Appropriation and Social Media

This symposium is funded by a British Academy research project which aims to explore some of these questions in relation to the #StopIslam campaign which has attracted considerable support but equally resulted in a profusion of counter-narratives, defending Muslims.

For more information:

Keele University


9 jun to 10 jun 2017

Rome, Italy

Italian Cinema and Media in a Global World

In 2017, JICMS celebrates its 5th  anniversary (2012-2017) with an international conference. This conference will provide a forum for developing innovative directions for the journal. We will exchange ideas about trans-national approaches to Italian cinema and media and foster debate on the role of Italian cinema and media in the complex tapestry of global societies in the twenty-first century.

For more information:

Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies