Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Mia Jonsson Lindell med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

25 apr to 29 apr 2018

Bremen, Germany

Cinema Crossing Borders

The 23rd Bremen International Film Conference invites international experts to reflect on “Cinema Crossing Borders” as practices of border and cross-border cinema. The conference aims to explore all the varieties of analytical approaches to “Cinema Crossing Borders” and 
to enhance the debate/discussion on how cinema forms and informs our idea of borders.

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University Bremen


27 apr to 28 apr 2018

Jyväskylä, Finland


Medie- och kommunikationsforskningsdagarna i Finland organiseras i Jyväskylä den 27–28 april 2018. Årets tema är ”Media ja toivo” – "media och hoppet".  Huvudtalare är professor Lucy Küng från Oxford Universitets Reuters-Institut och docent Anne Kaun från Södertörn Universitet, Stockholm.

2 maj to 4 maj 2018

Bergen, Norge

Nordiske mediedager / Nordic Media Festival

Nordiske Mediedager er Nordens største årlige mediekonferanse. Tre stappfulle dager med faglig oppdatering og inspirasjon, presentert av topp fagfolk fra inn- og utland.

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Nordiske Mediedager


3 maj to 4 maj 2018

Uppsala, Sweden

FSMK-dagen (och FSMK:s årsmöte) samt Ämneskonferensen 2018

FSMK och Institutionen för informatik och media, Uppsala universitet, har glädjen att inbjuda FSMK:s  medlemmar till FSMK-dagen (och FSMK:s årsmöte) samt Ämneskonferensen 2018. Temat för FSMK-dagen (3 maj) är Akademisk frihet - hot och trakasserier inom akademin. Temat för Ämneskonferensen (4 maj) är A Non-Media Centric Approach to Media Studies. För att öppna för diskussion om detta välkomnar vi Shaun Moores, Professor of Media and Communications vid Sunderland University, UK, som huvudtalare på temat A Non-Media Centric Media Studies.

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3 maj to 5 maj 2018

Freiburg, Germany

Cool Retro Camp Trash. Aesthetic Concepts in Popular Culture

The aesthetic quality of the popular is now undisputed. In fact, it can be argued that popular culture has become the dominant cultural paradigm of our days, which takes shape in music, film, literature, social media, fashion etc. In order to meet this cultural transformation with due attention, the aesthetic concepts of popular culture are to be scrutinized for the first time from a broad academic perspective. The aim of the conference is to illuminate how aesthetic concepts of popular culture come into being, are practiced, diffuse socially and develop normative quality.

3 maj to 3 maj 2018

Accra, Ghana

World Press Freedom Day 2018 Academic Conference

This academic conference, which will be integrated into the celebrations of World Press Freedom Day in Accra, aims at bridging the gap between academic research, policy-making and the experience of journalists on the ground. Policy-oriented research, which can nourish a dialogue between all stakeholders, is therefore highly encouraged. The theme of World Press Freedom Day 2018 is “Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law”.

4 maj to 5 maj 2018

Istanbul, Turkey

International Film Studies and Cinematic Arts Conference

4 maj to 4 maj 2018

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media

PhD students and Early Career Researchers working in the field(s) of  “horror, cult and exploitation” screen media, are invited to submit abstracts about their research to deliver at this workshop that is free to attend.  

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10 maj to 13 maj 2018

Chicago, United States

Media, Resistance, and Justice: The Fight for Humanity

Union for Democratic Communication Conference. This conference seeks to traverse the intersections of Media, Resistance, and Justice through presentations and conversations that offer insights and suggestions for advancing and securing a more democratic, just society. 

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Loyola University Chicago


10 maj to 11 maj 2018

Antalya, Turkey

International Media Research Symposium: From Traditional to Digital

Digital media contribute significantly in the contemporary skills of creating and transmitting images, sounds and texts. Aware of the field’s effective interaction capabilities, traditional media tools try to become involved in it through hashtags, audience questions and comments, video footage of every day people etc. This symposium aims to create an academic environment that will enable us to deal with media through the axis of traditional and digital, in a multidimensional way.

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Ege University /Antalya AKEV University


10 maj to 11 maj 2018

Moscow, Russia

The Aesthetics of Social Equality: Avant-Garde, Populisms and the People

This symposium explores the social and historical interweaving of art and avant-garde aesthetics with universal demands for equality and the right of the “people”: the underclass, the underprivileged and the oppressed.

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10 maj to 11 maj 2018

Braga, Portugal

Journalism-Communication Education Conference

This conference will include presentations, discussions, and workshops concerning education for media professions in a changing media world. The shifting communicativeenvironment asks for experimentation in media, aiming at new narratives, tools and a new connection with the audience.

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10 maj to 13 maj 2018

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Union for Democratic Communication 2018 conference

Theme: Media, Resistance, and Justice: The Fight for Humanity. This conference seeks to traverse the intersections of Media, Resistance, and Justice through presentations and conversations that offer insights and suggestions for advancing and securing a more democratic, just society.


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11 maj to 12 maj 2018

Montréal, Canada

Making Media Theory

We invite contributions that revisit the history of media studies in ways that draw attention to the importance of such media-based material experiments, non-traditional methodologies and practice-based initiatives. This colloquium is an occasion to revisit and restore the role of things and experimentation in the making of theory.

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11 maj to 12 maj 2018

Toronto, Canada

Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference 2018

The conference specifically seek papers that engage space and cinema beyond both the static and the merely representational. The focus should instead be on the dynamic way in which the visual tracing of movement allows both for the creation of space and the opening of new paths for thought.

11 maj to 12 maj 2018

Bucharest, Romania

Mediatizing memory: history and its mediatic constructions

This is the 6th edition of the international conference "Understanding Transition". The theme of the conference is "Mediatizing Memory: History and its Mediatic Construction". The conference languages are English and French. 

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16 maj to 17 maj 2018

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Changing the rules of the game? Examining the relationship between sport and media

This conference seeks to take stock of current developments in the field and critically assess new theoretical and methodological approaches. Of particular interest will be current debates around mediatization in understanding contemporary trends in the domain of sport.

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17 maj to 19 maj 2018

Vienna, Austria

Literary Journalism: Theory, Practice, Pedagogy

The Thirteenth International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies. The conference hopes to be a forum for scholarly work of both breadth and depth in the field of literary journalism, and all research methodologies are welcome, as are research on all aspects of literary journalism and/or literary reportage.

For more information:

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies


17 maj to 20 maj 2018

Madrid, Spain

The 13th Annual Global Communication Association Conference

The Global Communication Association invites research papers exploring any aspect of issues related to global communication. 

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18 maj to 18 maj 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Media Systems under Pressure: Recent Developments in Media Freedom in Central and Eastern Europe

The workshop aims to bring together international scholars and media professionals to discuss the following questions: How can we formulate effective responses to these manifold challenges that media systems in Central and Eastern Europe face today? 
To what extent are these developments country or region specific, or should they be seen as part of wider European and global trends? What is the role of governments, media, NGOs, and activists in shaping media and information spheres in the region (in both a negative and positive sense)?

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