Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Mia Jonsson Lindell med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

23 okt to 25 okt 2017

Guilin, China

Data, Information and Knowledge Management

The main objective of DIKM 2017 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academicians from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Data, Information and Knowledge Management.

24 okt to 27 okt 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mermaids, Maritime Folklore, and Modernity

This interdisciplinary conference addresses the prominence of mermaids and related creatures from folklore, myth, legend, and the imagination in 19th-21st Century culture, including film, tv, literature, visual arts, cosplay, and internet media.

For more information:

Island Dynamics


24 okt to 27 okt 2017

Kingston, Jamaica

Global MIL Week 2017: Feature Conference

The feature conference of Global MIL Week 2017 is the Seventh Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) Conference. It will be held in Jamaica under the same theme as the Global MIL Week 2017. The aim is to build more bridges between learning outside of the classroom and learning inside the classroom. In addition, the conference will contribute to making learning a process of social change, which fosters human rights online and offline and which constructs a new citizenship identity based on critical civic participation and intercultural dialogue.

25 okt to 27 okt 2017

Seville, Spain

II International Congress Move.net

Move.net aims to establish itself as an academic forum to share theoretical analysis and ideas in order to understand the social implications of ICTs.
Papers are allowed in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.

For more information:

Faculty of Communication, University of Seville


25 okt to 26 okt 2017

Sevilla, Spain

Move.net – On TIC and Social Movements

Move.net aims to establish itself as an academic forum to share theoretical analysis and ideas in order to understand the social implication of ICT.
The 1st edition of Move.net took place on February 2015 at University Pablo de Olavide in Seville. The upcoming 2nd edition will take place at the Faculty of Communication in the University of Seville.

For more information:

University of Seville


26 okt to 27 okt 2017

Jyväskylä, Finland

The 14th ETMU Days: Race, Power and Mobilities

A multidisciplinary event with discussions, for example on the status of refugees seeking asylum and undocumented migrants, legislations and policies, artistic mobility and cultural representations, racialized hate speech, and global impacts of migration. 
Key note speakers:
Kaarina Nikunen, University of Tampere; Tobias Hübinette, Karlstad University, Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham.
The main languages of the ETMU Days are English, Finnish, Swedish and Finnish Sign Language.

For more information:

University of Jyväskylä


26 okt to 27 okt 2017

Turin, Italy

Discourses of and on Europe. About old and new fears...

More and more media reproduce and spread images of collective fears. Such fears end up by nurturing reflection and debates about European values, European borders and the European community’s ability to tackle with globalization challenges. This interdisciplinary Conference aims at broadening the sharing of studies on discursive works and involve a growing number of scientific disciplines: political communication, economics, modern and contemporary history, history of ideas, journalism, philosophy, political science, socio-linguistics and sociology.

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26 okt to 27 okt 2017

Aarhus, Denmark

Global Constructive Journalism Conference

The world’s biggest conference on constructive journalism brings together reporters, editors, media executives, scientists and politicians. Participants will be discussing the role of the news media and journalists in modern day democracies. The Director General of United Nations, Michael Moeller, will give a keynote at the event. Other speakers will include Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University; Nils Hanson, Head of Investigative Unit at Swedish Television, Pulitzer-prize winning David Boardman, Dean of the School of Media and Communication at Temple University; and Jimmy Maymann, former CEO of Huffington Post.

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26 okt to 27 okt 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Postcolonial Mediations - Globalisation and Displacement

Postcolonial thinking, as a form of mediation and displacement of worldviews, triggered a re-evaluation of the complex connections between culture, class, economy, gender and sexuality. This conference aims to engage with such postcolonial displacements.

For more information:

Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies / ACGS


26 okt to 27 okt 2017

, Portugal

Pathologies and Dysfunctions of Democracy in Media Context

The purpose of this conference is to join together researchers from Communication Sciences and related areas (Political Science, Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Sociology and others), with particular emphasis on those interested in political communication around a unifying common axis

For more information:

Labcom.IFP, University of Beira Interior


27 okt to 28 okt 2017

Amherst , USA

Northeast Popular / American Culture Association 2017 Conference

NECPA will hold its 2017 fall conference at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Both individual papers and complete panels are welcome. The only restrictions on presentations are that: The proposal should be rooted in research,  NEPCA generally avoids proposals whose intent is overtly commercial, Proposals should appeal to a broad audience.

For more information:

Northeast Popular/American Culture Association / NEPCA


27 okt to 29 okt 2017

Kobe, Japan


The Asian Conference on Media, Communication and Film. The conference theme is History, Story, Narrative at this interdisciplinary event.

For more information:

The International Academic Forum / IAFOR


27 okt to 27 okt 2017

London, UK

Sports Journalism: ethical vacuum or ethical minefield?

The conference aims to provide a space for analysis and discussion on the varied ethical issues confronting sports journalists.

For more information:

Institute of Communication Ethics

27 okt to 28 okt 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Digital Intermediaries and Media Pluralism

The 13th Dubrvonik Media Days.
Confirmed keynote speakers: Natali Helberger, University of Amsterdam; Damian Tambini, The London School of Economics and Political Science; Norberto Andrade, Stanford University, USA.

For more information:

University of Dubrovnik

27 okt to 28 okt 2017

Kent, UK

At Home with Horror. Terror on the Small Screen

This conference will underline the importance of the small screen for horror, within the study of the genre and of the medium, and ask: is the small screen now the home of horror?
Keynote speaker: Dr Helen Wheatley, University of Warwick.

For more information:

University of Kent


28 okt to 28 okt 2017

Manchester, United Kingdom

Japan in the Digital Age

The overall aim of the Symposium is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment to encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-sector dialogues. We invite academics, PG students, industry researchers and practitioners for contributions which examine the transformation of Japan in the Digital Age, and the transformation of the Digital Age through Japanese culture, practice, politics, technologies, industries and beyond. 

For more information:

Manchester Metropolitan University

30 okt to 1 nov 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

DIGITAL EXISTENCE II: Precarious Media Life

Big data and hyperconnectivity, tracking and trolling, digital life and digital death are some of the issues that require an existential media analysis that underlines the precarity of human existence. This conference will be devoted to critically mapping the various digital vulnerabilities that face us in our contemporary media age.
The second Digital Existence conference will take place at the Sigtuna Foundation to the north of Stockholm. The conference will be a joint venture between DIGMEX and the Nordic Network for the Study of Media and Religion.

For more information:

The Sigtuna Foundation


30 okt to 1 nov 2017

Sigtuna, Sweden

Digital Existence II: Precarious Media Life

This conference will be devoted to critically mapping the various digital vulnerabilities that face us in our contemporary media age.
Confirmed keynote speakers:  Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Brown University; Jeremy Stolow, Concordia University; Beverley Skeggs, Goldsmiths College.
Endnote speaker: Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente.

For more information:

The Sigtuna Foundation


2 nov to 5 nov 2017

Lancaster, UK

Mobile Utopia: Pasts, Precence and Futures

Recognising the global uncertainties of the Anthropocene, reflections on utopia (and dystopia) that explore how societies shape, and have been shaped by, complex im|mobilities, from microbial to big data mobilities, from horse-drawn carriages to driverless cars, from migration to planetary jet streams are invited.

For more information:

The Centre for Mobilities Research / Cemore, Lancaster University


2 nov to 4 nov 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

Media in the Post-Truth World: The New Marketplace of (Dis)information

Prague Media Point is an annual international conference, dedicated to discussing the changing media landscape in a professional, political, economic, and social context.

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