Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Mia Jonsson Lindell med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

16 nov to 18 nov 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

XV IBERCOM Conference: Communication, Diversity and Tolerance

The fifteenth edition of the IBERCOM Conference takes place at the School of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal, within the framework of consolidating the Iberian-American space for reflection and debate in communication studies.

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16 nov to 17 nov 2017

Hull, United Kingdom

Media & Politics Group Annual Conference 2017

We welcome papers which examine the reactions and roles of media, communications and culture in relation to (amongst other things) such issues as Trump, Brexit, Isis, Syria, Russia, North Korea, Turkey, the European Union, immigration, global warming, cyber warfare, corruption scandals, the resurgence of ultra-nationalism, the collapse of the state, the death of trust, the death of truth, ongoing and impending economic catastrophes, and the path towards (and the aftermath of) the UK’s snap general election of June 2017. 

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University of Hull


16 nov to 18 nov 2017

Bordeaux, France

Radio in the Public Service

The GRER symposium wishes to ask questions about the relevance, the legitimacy, and, therefore, the sustainability of the institutional structures with public service broadcasting statute. These issues and their implications can be taken up by drawing from their histories, their present realities, and by exploring a range of their possible futures.

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Groupe de Recherches et d'Études sur la Radio / GRER


16 nov to 17 nov 2017

Vancouver, Canada

Second International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

Special focus of the 2017 conference is Rethinking the "Mediascape". Proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, or colloquia are invited.

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University of British Columbia


17 nov to 19 nov 2017

Bucharest, Romania

Queer and Feminist Studies in Eastern Europe International Conference / QueerFemSEE

QueerFemSEE is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to explore various accounts of South-Eastern and Eastern European researchers (and their Western peers with similar interests) concerning topics connected to media studies, cultural studies, public space, and their intersection with gender and queer studies.

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Queer and Feminist Studies in Eastern Europe


18 nov to 18 nov 2017

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Identity and Vinyl Culture

The resurgence of vinyl records in a multi-format, multi-channel listening world raises fundamental questions around the development of music technology, accessibility and the social practice of listening. We welcome both traditional and innovative formats for presentations relating to any areas of musical research, including composition, audio-visual media, performance, and/or other creative practices. Keynote speaker: Paul Long, Professor of Media and Cultural History, Birmingham City University


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The Department of Music at the University of Birmingham


20 nov to 21 nov 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Open Data Forum

 Open Data has quickly become an important issue for all of us and a key component when building the future internet. The synergies between the Nordic countries are many and it’s time we meet and talk.

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Internetstiftelsen i Sverige (iis)


22 nov to 24 nov 2017

Dunedin, New Zealand

Mediating the Real 2: Mediations in a 'Post Truth' Era

This conference asks and unpacks the interactions of (post) truth, the 'real' and contemporary media. Building on and following from the success of Mediating the Real ‘1’, we encourage critically informed approaches – particularly drawing from the work of Lacan. However, this time too, we invite scholars engaged with Jean Baudrillard's prolific engagement in these matters. 

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University of Otago


22 nov to 24 nov 2017

Aalborg, Denmark

Big Video Sprint 2017

This mini-conference is targeted at practitioners of qualitative video ethnography and ethnomethodological conversation analysis who are exploring new ways of collecting time-based records of social, material and embodied practices as live-action events in real or virtual worlds.
Keynote speakers:
Anne Harris, RMIT University, Australia; Robert Willim, Lund University, Sweden; Adam Fouse, Aptima, USA;  Paul McIlvenny & Jacob Davidsen, Aalborg University, Denmark.

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Aalborg University


23 nov to 25 nov 2017

Jyväskylä, Finland

The 24th Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference

University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Sciences welcome you all to the 24th Nordic Intercultural Communication conference with the theme Diversities, mobilities, and cultural identities in the balance.

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University of Jyväskylä


23 nov to 24 nov 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Conference on the Science and Arts of Video Games

This event aims to bring the contributions of the academy and industry together, to establish a common ground in game studies. The main objective of this conference is to promote the scientific culture, research and the video game industry in Portugal, emphasizing several different subjects. 


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23 nov to 24 nov 2017

São Paulo, Brazil

International Symposium on Journalism in Multiplatform Environments

This year’s programming will focus on the journalism market and its expanding frontiers, as well as the changes that are brought to production languages by the demand for multiple platforms. We look forward to having, during the two days of the symposium, discussions that focus on the fact that we are currently working on shaking grounds with well established processes going through a rearranging and revision process. 

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FIAM-FAAM | Professional Master of Science in Journalism


23 nov to 25 nov 2017

Münster, Germany

Late Autumn School “Trust through the changes of time? The constitution and meaning of trust in digital times

The participants and the invited researchers will discuss the constitution and meaning of trust in digital times. Furthermore, the participants are given the opportunity to discuss their research projects with the keynote speakers in workshops. Applications are accepted from PhD and master students in communication science, psychology, economics, information systems and sport & exercise sciences as well as similar research fields. Keynote:  Prof. Dr. Roger Mayer (NC State University), Prof. Dr. Sirkka Jarvenpaa (University of Texas), Prof. Dr. Yariv Tsfati (University of Haifa). 

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24 nov to 26 nov 2017

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Children's Media Symposium

The Children’s Media Symposium represents a chance for the creative sector and the academic community to engage and collaborate in exploring the complex relations between this special audience and a fast-changing media landscape.

For more information:

Arts Research in the Creative Humanities


24 nov to 24 nov 2017

Bath, United Kingdom

Transmedia UK: Sector by Sector

Audiences now engage with media across multiple platforms, following the fictions of films and books across social media and video games, exploring brand universes and publishing enterprises across television, comics, websites, apps, etc. This academic-industry workshop aims to identify the strategies and principles that now make up the transmedia practices in and across online gaming, publishing, mobile media, digital marketing and beyond, examining which practices operate across these various sectors while exploring what it means to distinguish between storytelling, publishing, interactivity and marketing in today's transmedia environment.


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Bath Spa University


27 nov to 29 nov 2017

Rovaniemi, Finland

MEC2017 - Under the Northern Lights

Media Education Conference - MEC (former NBE) is an informal conference which participants attend to exchange ideas and information dealing with media education, educational use of ICTs and learning environments.
This 6th MEC will return to Rovaniemi where it all started in 2005.
Keynote speakers:
Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK
Executive Director, Dr Keith Devlin, Stanford University, H-STAR Institute, USA

For more information:

Centre for Media Pedagogy at the University of Lapland


29 nov to 30 nov 2017

Helsinki, Finaldn

Art of Research 2017 conference

The theme of this sixth Art of Research conference addresses the agency of the artist-researcher as a catalyst that challenges established ideas and produces new thinking through artistic and practice-led research. We encourage submissions from artist-researchers and practice-led researchers representing different art forms e.g. contemporary art, film, photography, scenography, craft, design, media and architecture.


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Aalto University


3 dec to 5 dec 2017

Gävle, Sweden

Consuming the Environment

Consuming the Environment is a humanistic research initiative to a multidisciplinary approach. This year´s conference highlights urbanization and vulnerability.

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University of Gävle


4 dec to 7 dec 2017

Manchester, UK

Children's Global Media Summit

Celebrating the best content, tackling the importance of education, protection and empowerment the event promises to be crucial for anyone involved in children’s Media. The Summit will help shape the future of children’s media for the next decade by bringing together iconic speakers, debates, masterclasses and a showcase of the most cutting edge content and technology on the market. The programme is designed around five main themes – education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and protection – with each of these themes having dedicated content, speakers and new ideas helping to advance the debate and create a lasting legacy.
The Children’s Global Media Summit is the eighth which has been commissioned by the World Summit on Media for Children Foundation. The summit has been held in a different location every three years since it started in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.

For more information:

World Summit on Media for Children Foundation


4 dec to 6 dec 2017

Newcastle, Australia

The Second Coming of Journalism?

The University of Newcastle will host the annual conference of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia.
Truth in a post-truth world
Fake news: opinions vs facts vs alternative facts
Comedy and news: a marriage of convenience?
Beyond the capitals: is the future of journalism in the regions?
Advocacy journalism: collaboration for a community outcome
How do we best prepare contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate students

For more information:

Journalism Education & Research Association of Australia