Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Mia Jonsson Lindell med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

2 jul to 6 jul 2018

Budapest, Hungary

2018 CMDS Summer School: Funding Journalism in the Digital Age

The aim of this practice-based course is to provide participants (journalists and media practitioners, and researchers and academics writing about these issues) with in-depth understanding of the main changes in funding journalism, including the key areas of growth and the fastest expanding players in media and journalism as well as the role funding plays in capturing independent media.

2 jul to 6 jul 2018

Haag, The Netherlands

Data in Democracy Summer School

The Data in Democracy Summer School will bring together a select group of practitioners and academics for five days to learn about and apply crucial insights from the social sciences concerning the forms, functions, and impacts of data in democratic societies.

2 jul to 7 jul 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture

The Summer School brings together cyber with cipher in order to discuss the manifold incisions that write the machine into life and the strategies that users need to read them back. The Summer School will take place at several cultural institutions in Lisbon and will gather outstanding doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from around the world. In the morning there will be lectures and master classes by invited keynote speakers. In the afternoon there will be paper presentations by doctoral students.

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3 jul to 8 jul 2018

Paris and Brest, France

World Internet Project annual meeting 2018

A public conference will be hosted by Sciences Po Paris on the 2nd of July and will gather various actors, both from the scientific, political and institutionnal sphere. The second part of the event, during which several scientific presentations will be made and discussed, mostly by WIP members, will be held in Brest (Brittany) from the 3rd to the 6th of July. 

3 jul to 3 jul 2018

London, United Kingdom

Besides the Screen Conference 2018

The 2018 Besides the Screen Conference welcomes paper, panel, artwork, installation, and workshop proposals on the theme of archiving and preserving audiovisual materials in the 21st century. 

Also in Porto, Portugal 5 - 6 July 2018 

3 jul to 5 jul 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden

Film-Philosophy Conference 2018

The Film-Philosophy Conference 2018 at the University of Gothenburg invites proposals for presentations on any subject related to film, media and philosophy. *We especially encourage proposals from LGBTQI, feminist and BME scholars*. There is no single overall theme. Keynotes: Professor Emma Wilson (University of Cambridge), Professor Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (University of California at Davis), Dr Eugenie Brinkema (MIT) Dr Catherine Wheatley (King’s College London) and filmmakers Maja Borg (Sweden) and Aparna Sharma (UCLA). 

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4 jul to 6 jul 2018

Aalborg, Denmark


CADAAD conferences are intended to promote current directions and new developments in cross-disciplinary critical discourse research. We welcome papers which, from a critical-analytical perspective, deal with contemporary social, scientific, political, economic, or professional discourses and genres. 


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Department of Culture & Global studies, Aalborg University


4 jul to 6 jul 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

Multiple Realities: Fluidity, Hybridity, and Stability in Global Communication

The  2018 Australia and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) conference theme is “Multiple Realities: Fluidity, Hybridity, and Stability in Global Communication.” More information will be available on the conference website in due course. 

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Australia and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)


4 jul to 6 jul 2018

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Doctoral Summer School 2018

The Doctoral Summer School will have two inter-connected themes. Firstly, we aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will help them to develop as Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and contribute to the next generation of academics. Secondly, we will engage students with a /fusion /of media and management theory, and practice by examining the emerging theoretical and media practice developments that will ultimately define the next generation of research challenges.

4 jul to 5 jul 2018

Bristol, United Kingdom

Creativity, Knowledge, Cities

Creativity, Knowledge, Cities invites academics, activists, and practitioners to contribute to critical and productive dialogue around these tensions. Sessions will be programmed as provocative panels organised around contrasting perspectives, followed by space for discussion.

5 jul to 7 jul 2018

Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Eighth International Tourism and Media Conference

The eighth ITAM conference aim is to continue the network’s exploration of new ideas and debates sprung from the intersection between tourism industries and practices and those that broadly relate to the fields of media and communication.

5 jul to 5 jul 2018

Granada, Spain

International Conference on Books, Publishing & Libraries

This conference invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, innovation showcases, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Publishing Practices: Past, Present, and Future,  Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning and Books and Libraries. 

5 jul to 6 jul 2018

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Global Conference on Journalism and Mass Communication

The theme of this conference is “Voice of Media.” The Global Media Conference will portray as that platform that will stage the freedom of expression of issues that exist globally. The Conference will be represented with the participation from the academia, the industry professionals, and government officials and from the professional bodies in relation to the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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9 jul to 10 jul 2018

Brighton, United Kingdom

The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2018

Conference theme: Fearful Futures. This international and interdisciplinary conference will bring together a range of academics, independent researchers, artists and activists to explore the challenges that we face in the twenty-first century. While we have every right to fear the future, we also have agency in creating that future. Can we commit to a cosmopolitanism that celebrates difference and that challenges social inequity? On our ability to answer to that question affirmatively likely hangs our very survival.

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9 jul to 14 jul 2018

Milan, Italy

Milan International Summer School of Political Communication and Electoral Behavior

The School addresses theoretical and empirical questions at theintersection of political communication, political science, andpolitical sociology, with a special focus on the relationship betweenpolitical communication, media, political participation and democracy.

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9 jul to 18 jul 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Media and Communication Studies Summer School

After the successful experience from 2014 till 2017, China Media  Observatory at the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) will operate in collaboration the FIFTH edition of the Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School. The program is open to the full variety of academic work in the field of communication and media studies for scholars at their early age of research. 

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9 jul to 13 jul 2018

Perth, Australia

Digitising Early Childhood

This conference welcomes papers that address the broadest possible construction of early childhood and the digital.

10 jul to 13 jul 2018

Prato, Italy

Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum

This international event will bring together radio and audio scholars and practitioners from across disciplines and continents. We invite scholars to consider ‘free radio’ (in its broadest sense) in a contemporary mediascape where evolving forms, such as podcasting, are providing global audiences with unlimited free audio content and promises of increased access. 

11 jul to 13 jul 2018

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media, and Feminism

Console-ing Passions at Bournemouth University welcomes a wide range of proposals for individual papers, pre-constituted panels and pre-constituted workshops that consider television, video, audio or new media alongside gender, sexuality, race and/or other intersectional components of identity.  Proposals for the presentation of video, audio, or new media creative works are also invited.

For more information:

Faculty of Media and Communication, Bournemouth University


11 jul to 13 jul 2018

Alcalá, Spain

Ethics in/of business and professional communication

This conference addresses the issue of ethics - its expression as well as its legitimization - from a multidisciplinary approach, inviting proposals from the fields of discourse analysis, (applied) linguistics, communication studies, organizational scholarship, management studies, 
business communication training and coaching, and further, practice-related areas, like marketing, branding, customer service industry, financial studies and similar.

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