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25 May 2021

Swedish and Danish journalists describe their role as monitorial to a greater extent than journalists from other Nordic countries. Journalists from Norway and Iceland state they have the least experience of political influence and thus differ from Finnish journalists. This is shown by a new comparative study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.

15 Apr 2021

The corona pandemic has had a major impact on the Nordic news media. At the same time as advertising revenues have fallen drastically, interest among the audience for professional news coverage has increased, according to a new report from Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. Several Nordic media companies have also reported record sales of digital subscriptions as a result of the pandemic. 

16 Mar 2021

For those who want to make a career in the tech industry, age plays a crucial role, according to a new study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. The study shows that older employees are expected to be less up to date on the latest technology and have more difficulty processing information and picking up new things.

23 Nov 2020

The media world is less gender equal than the “real world”. That is one of the conclusions from a research project at University of Gothenburg. A group of international scholars has analysed data from countries all over the world between 1995 and 2015 to explain the causes and consequences of women’s underrepresentation in the media.

17 Mar 2020

When reporting on the crisis at the Swedish Academy in the spring of 2018, Swedish newspapers often reused quotes already published by other media. Such replication can have economic benefits, but can lead to a self-referencing journalistic culture. This is shown in a new study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.

17 Sep 2019

In Sweden, the hashtag #MeToo created a snowball effect of demonstrations and debates requiring political change, to which Swedish politicians responded by participating in the debate. In Denmark, media coverage was far less extensive and more critical of #MeToo, according to a new study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.

01 Jul 2019

Cultural journalism played an important role in the Swedish reporting of the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, according to a new study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. By focusing on the context of the events with a more interpretative approach, it contributed to highlighting aspects such as democratic values and emotional solidarity. But the border between regular news and cultural journalism could soon be erased. 

28 Jun 2019

A new study published in Nordicom Review shows that ordinary people played an important role in the crisis response following the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. By organising on Twitter, ordinary people helped increase the safety of the public and reduce the spread of rumours.

28 Jan 2019

In a new study, researchers examine how close, or far apart, media and political power are from each other in four different countries. The complex relationship between media and politics has consequences with regard to shaping the public image of politics and individual politicians.

11 Jun 2018

Openness is a notion that is becoming increasingly topical. The question of open science is now frequently addressed in academics. Open educational resources have become more central in schools. People are sharing their vulnerabilities on social media using hashtags with references to openness. In response to this, Nordicom releases the Spring issue of the journal Nordicom Information, in which the theme is openness in media and communication.