Four reports on media and cultural habits in Sweden

NEWS | 10 September 2018

The consumption of media and culture is becoming increasingly digital, and the generation gaps increasingly clear. And looking at media and culture habits combined, one can see connections between them.

Four new reports, all published in the summer of 2018, reveal the consumption of media, news and culture in Sweden. Behind the reports are the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis and the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority.

The four reports are published in Swedish, with the first one listed below including a summary in English. (For statistics presented in English, see links at the bottom of this article.)


Culture and Media Habits
The Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis is assigned to conduct cultural studies. Its report series includes publications on the cultural habits of both adults and children.

  • The Space of Culture and Media Habits in Sweden 2015
    Rummet av kultur- och medievanor i Sverige 2015 analyses whether and how cultural and media habits are intertwined: whether there are groups of cultural and media habits which relate to each other, whether there are variations and polarizations between different groups, and how cultural and media habits relate to occupation and social class. Read more in Swedish  | Summary in English available in the report
  • Cultural Habits in Sweden 1989-2017
    Kulturvanor i Sverige 1989-2017 is a statistical report showing the population as eager consumers of cultural activities. For example, the vast majority (85 per cent) have read a book, seven of ten have gone to the cinema, and more than half the population have been to the library in the past twelve months. The report is based on data from the SOM Institute. Read more (in Swedish)


Media Use and News Habits
The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority is assigned to follow and analyse the media development, and publishes a report series on media developments in Sweden (consumption, politics, economy and supply).

  • Media Use 2018
    Mediekonsumtion 2018 shows how the use of both digital and traditional media is changing, and that the gap between the oldest and the younger generations’ media use is becoming more apparent. Its conclusions are based on statistics from Nordicom, MMS, Kantar Sifo, the Internet Foundation in Sweden, and others. Download Mediekonsumtion 2018 in Swedish (PDF 4.5 MB)
  • Swedish News Habits 2018
    Svenska nyhetsvanor 2018 analyses the interest in and consumption of news. The report shows that the digital platforms have come to play an increasingly central role in Swedes’ news consumption, but that the choice of news media and platforms varies greatly between different groups in society. The report is based on data from the SOM Institute. Download Svenska nyhetsvanor 2018 in Swedish (PDF 3.4 MB)



Some of the statistical sources in English

The SOM Institute surveys Swedes’ habits, opinions and values regarding society, politics and the media. Reports are mainly in Swedish, but main trends presented in English can be found in Swedish Trends series, download in PDF.

Nordicom’s Media Barometer is an annual survey that analyses daily media use in Sweden. Reports are mainly in Swedish, but basic data in English can be found here.

Nordicom’s table database provides Nordic media statistics in English, including data on Sweden from Nordicom, MMS, Kantar Sifo, etc. Search for statistics here (choose Nordic and Media Use).