Submit a book proposal

The aim of Nordicom’s academic book publishing is to promote new, high-quality media research contributing to sustainable democratic societies in the Nordic region. We have several options for scholars interested in publishing with us, including single- and multi-authored monographs and edited anthologies, depending on the intended audience and topic. We publish books in English and Swedish.

We offer a double-blind peer-review process overseen by our scientific editors for books directed towards the international research community. Anthologies may be preceded by an open Call for contributions, which our scientific editors also assist with.

Keep in mind that there is a lengthy publication process, and therefore it is not realistic to hope for a book project to be finalised within one year. The role of guest editor requires much work, and we strongly recommend that at least two people share the responsibilities.

Should you be interested in publishing a book with Nordicom, this is how to proceed:


1. Fill out a book proposal questionnaire and read our editor guide

Please contact our managing editor, who will send you a questionnaire to fill out with the details of your proposed book. You will also be provided with our guide for anthology editors or monograph authors. This guide contains the information you will need to prepare yourself for your role and responsibilities in the process of editing an anthology or authoring a monograph.

Managing editor: Josefine Bové,

When we evaluate your proposal, we consider whether the proposed topic is appropriate for our aims & scope, whether it will make a needed contribution within our field, and your previous publication experience. We also consider whether the topic is high on the public agenda; we particularly encourage proposals with a policy or democracy dimension.

As a small publisher, we focus on quality rather than quantity. We aim to publish around five academic books per year.


2. Submit a synopsis and meet the editorial team

If we decide to move forward with your proposal, you and Nordicom’s editorial team will meet to discuss the details of the project, including the timeframe, whether there will be a Call for contributions, and whether the book will be peer reviewed. You will be provided with a synopsis template.


3. Sign a letter of agreement

Based on the synopsis and the information provided in the questionnaire, the editorial team will decide whether Nordicom will proceed with the proposed project. If we decide to proceed with the proposed project, the managing editor will send you a letter of agreement to sign, which lays out your rights and responsibilities as editor or author, as well as Nordicom’s. When this is signed, you can proceed to issue a Call for contributions or invitations for draft manuscripts.

You will also be provided with details for how authors may obtain our instructions for authors. These instructions include a checklist, which should be included in the final submission to Nordicom.