Coming in 2019: Nordic Journal of Media Studies

NY PUBLIKATION | 25 september 2018

Coming in 2019!


A new journal, the Nordic Journal of Media Studies, has been added to Nordicom’s portfolio of scientific publications. This journal is an online, open-access journal.  The first issue will be published in Spring 2019, with the theme “Disrupting media infrastructures: Transforming media industries and public spheres”. The new journal is supported by the Nordic Research Council, NOP-HS. 

Aims and Scope
The Nordic Journal of Media Studies is a peer-reviewed international publication dedicated to media research. The journal is a meeting place for Nordic, European, and global perspectives on media studies. The editors stress the importance of innovative and interdisciplinary research, and welcome contributions on both contemporary developments and historical topics. The journal is open for theoretical contributions and empirical research, and combinations thereof. The editors also welcome critical approaches to media studies addressing questions of power, inequality, participation, and voice. 

The Nordic Journal of Media Studies focuses on the interplay between media and their cultural and social contexts. We are interested in the media as industries and institutions of modern society, but also in how they are woven into the fabric of everyday life as mobile and interactive technologies. The emergence of new social networks, changes in political communication, intensified datafication and surveillance of human interaction, and new dynamics between media, popular culture, and commercial markets are important aspects of the changing relationship between media, culture, and society. 

The history of the journal 
Although the Nordic Journal of Media Studies is a new journal, the editors have longstanding experience in academic journal publishing; together they published the journal Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook (published 2002–2006 by Museum Tusculanum Press and 2008–2018 by Intellect Press; from 2002–2008, the chief editor was Ib Bondebjerg and, from 2009, the chief editor was Stig Hjarvard). In 2018, the entire editorial committee of Northern Lights moved to Nordicom to continue their work at the Nordic Journal of Media Studies. 


Editors are: Stig Hjarvard (University of Copenhagen), Göran Bolin (Södertörn University), Kirsten Frandsen (Aarhus University), Anne Jerslev (University of Copenhagen), Risto Kunelius (University of Tampere), Mette Mortensen (University of Copenhagen), Eli Skogerbø (University of Oslo). 


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