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NYHET | 8 juni 2018

The June issue of Nordicom's European newsletter is out. It provides update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union.

Some of the contents in this June issue:

  • Europeans are known to be sticklers for privacy. So when the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal broke EU policymakers were not overjoyed.
  • The EU’s new data protection regulation (GDPR) has been much lauded, but there are also concerns.
  • The reform of EU copyright rules has long proceeded at a snail’s pace but now it is finally picking up speed. Publishers have reasons to be pleased.
  • EU lawmakers have reached a preliminary political agreement on the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). Broadcasters not very happy.
  • Soon there will be new EU telecom rules which will enhance the deployment of 5G networks and bring many other benefits, says the European Commission.
  • The Commission wants to increase funding for EU’s media and culture support programmes. Complaints on the receiver end not likely.


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